3 Ways To Make Your Work Area Greener


Enjoying a green lifestyle is also about make overall improvements in our life. A common way is to take environmentally-friendly methods at home, but we could also do this at work. People spend much of their lives indoors, not only in the house, but also at work. This could equal to 40 hours each week inside our office room or cubicle. Whether you are marketing associates, office assistants or intern students at big companies, it is likely that we will spend much of our time inside these small spaces. In this case, it is important to make our workspace energy efficient and eco-friendly. Here are simple changes we could do: Read more

How to Have More Energy at Work


If you want to have more energy at work, we need to make a change in your daily habits from now. Follow these simple tips to achieve

Keys to Having More Energy at Work

Spending hours in front of the PC sitting at the same desk, having to travel on public transport, support the traffic and the number of assignments tired to anyone. But do not worry, you can increase the energy at work to pay more and still feel with the ability to do what you want to leave the office. Read more

Coping Monday at Work


Facing Monday at work is not a task that can be called ‘simple’. Follow these tips to fare better during the first business day.

How to Overcome on a Monday at Work

It is the most hated every week day, nobody will object to it. That is why face Monday at work may be the worst happens to an employee. They are always long, boring, monotonous, sad. Who really likes getting up early after two days of not hearing the sound of the alarm clock? Read more