How to Create a Calendar with Google


If you do not want to forget events, meetings or birthdays, leverages Google Calendar, you remember every moment everything Agenda.

Using Google’s Agenda

The Internet giant, Google provides numerous tools and items that make life easier for all users. Among them, we can organize our files (including photos, videos, text and more), and also avail ourselves of their services phonebook, calendar and reminders. Read more

How to Create a Web Curriculum


Having your web curriculum will allow you to show the working world, being visible to recruiters 24 hours a day. Discover some tips for creating a good online curriculum.

Keys to Creating a Successful Web Curriculum

Increasingly, social networking oriented professional world that allow creating a web resume , improving what was there before. That is, make resumes “work” for us, as they are posted 24 hours a day, allowing access for consultation to HR managers of companies around the world. Read more