Making Polenta


The polenta is a very old food, prepared on the basis of cornmeal and that gives us many ways to prepare it, to enjoy its taste.

Properties polenta

Besides providing its exquisite taste, polenta also provides many benefits for our body.

Polenta is a very nutritious food that is prepared in a simple way, through a mix with some kind of liquid, salt and seasoning to taste. Liquids that can be used in its manufacture are varied; We can opt for water, broth, whole or skim milk, etc. Read more

Food to Grow Nails


Give a twist to your menu! Meet some food to grow faster and stronger nails and wear them healthy…

Food for the Fast Growing Nails

Did you know that there are foods to grow nails ? Not that going to become Cruel Devil in the overnight, but these ingredients, plus delicious and healthy, will help you make a weekly menu full of nutrients to the nails grow faster (and hair and bones), and with more strength to avoid breaks, chips and even diseases. Know them, and integrate them into your dishes every day. Read more