Home Financing Demand Up

New applications for US mortgages rose for the first time in five weeks. Demand for home refinance loans jumped to its highest level in 14 years as interest rates hit 20 year lows. The report serves as a rare bit of good news for a housing market which has struggled since federal tax credits for home buyers expired in April.The report showed an increase of 7.5 percent in its seasonally adjusted index, which accounts for both purchase and refinance applications. Read more

Home Financing Loans

There are many home financing loans, so choosing the right one is important. Educating yourself is the wisest investment you can make. So, be sure to fully educate yourself on home financing loans. You should learn: what APR means, what “fixed” means as opposed to “variable,” the different types of loans, the loans for which you qualify, the current rates, how many years you want to pay off your house and the total cost to move into your home.Home is what you make it, and so are home financing loans. Before you apply for a mortgage, obtain your credit report. This information is very important for the application process. Read more