EaseUS ToDo Backup

EaseUS ToDo Backup

EaseUS ToDo Backup has been around for quite a while, but the latest versions are a whole lot better than the previous ones. The company is surely developing the backup product in their utility software range. However, the improvement over versions is not a huge leap, but it does well for a backup program of this category. The backup software is comprehensive; it supports basic backup and extended set of features for image backup as well.


The software fits well in Windows operating system. For any version of it including the latest Windows 8.1, the software appears to perform near flawless. Hopefully a version optimized for the upcoming Windows 10 is under development as well.

The integration with quite well with Windows operating system; when a folder is clicked which is integrated with ToDo Backup; the folder opens like any other normal Windows folder.The users get to explore and recover files on that folder if necessary, or update the backed up files. If you want to restore a full folder then there’s an option that lets you do that.

The file selection dialogue box has gotten a facelift from its previous versions. There’s an easy preview window to the right pane and it lets the users see the contents stored in a folder. Management tab is another option for conveniently checking the files and re-running the backup if it’s necessary. If a backup job was interrupted then that could be repaired from the same Management dialog box.

A highly useful feature is called the partition and drive imaging. This feature comes useful if you want to migrate an OS to a new hdd. The drive imaging and partition feature will shift the entire contents of a hard disk drive to another keeping the partition table as it is in the previous hard drive, just increasing the ratio if it’s necessary. Full and incremental drive imaging makes the task happen at ease. Through this feature, a computer user won’t have to manually partition a new hard drive and copy the files one by one to the new hard drive. Both time and efforts are saved to a greater extent.

Other features are namely backup files or entire drives to optical media like DVD or BluRay discs, wiping data from a hard drive partition, cloning an entire drive and backing it up, scheduling backups etc. EaseUS ToDo Backup also creates recovery boot disks as well; not only Windows based but also Linux based boot recovery CDs as well.


The EaseUS ToDo Backup software is basically a paid software, even though the free demo version is still enough to perform some initial tasks.ToDo Backup software is available for only $29 for the Home Version. Purchasing the full version unlocks plenty of features like backup and restore Outlook backup, snapshots of a system or Windows PE Boot disk, readymade. The Workstation version comes with few more versions and costs $10 more.



We live in a world dominated by technology and it’s a mere understatement when we account for the massive amount of change the internet and computers have brought into our lives. We have gone from the beings that used to travel for days to get from one place to another just to get some bread from people who can order all sorts of things whenever they want and most importantly from wherever they want. All the luxuries that we today take for granted have only been made a part of our lives because of the advancements that our world has seen in the fields of technology and specifically the internet.There are a lot of different ways you can change your life if you are very good at making apt use of the internet and the vast sea of information that it encompasses. For students too, there is a big opportunity available to gather as much information as they can without having to scamper to libraries for research papers, books and what not. There are all sorts of lectures, videos and even tutorials available for students to benefit from and lately there has been a trend of online courses that are complete and replicate what we study in school and most of the times these courses are free; which is a cherry on the top. So the point being that if we manage and use our time in the best way possible and not just socialize over the internet, we can actually become more educated and more dignified too in the process. Let’s then specifically look at a few ways we can actually increase our knowledge by browsing through online websites: Read more

How To Generate More Money For Your Household


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Plc Programming Methods And Compact Logix Controllers

Plc Programming And Compact Logix Controllers

Programmable logic controller is a small computer that has in-built operating system. This operating system does multiple tasks that include monitoring inputs and making decisions on stored programs. PLC also controls outputs to get smooth functioning from machines. The term “PLC” was first used by Allen-Bradley in 1970s. Names associated with PLC are Richard Morley and Odo Josef Struger. Read more

Energy Effecient Options In Air Conditiner

Air Conditiner

If you are like most homeowners, purchasing an energy efficient air conditioner can make them save lots of dollars. With escalating energy prices, you’ll surely want to do whatever is possible to make better use of your current air conditioner, or find the most efficient new one which is in your budget.

There are many ways you can cut cooling costs whether you’re hanging on to your current air conditioner or planning to buy a new high efficiency air conditioner. Most air conditioning systems sold today are energy saving air conditioners, compared to air conditioners of years past. Saving energy is on everyone’s mind these days because it is good for the environment, as well as your budget. Read more

Looking Into The Future Of Innovative Technologies

Innovative Technologies

The way we work and live have reformed as a result of the new imaginative advances through which various changes have been recognized in the advanced business throughout the years. Changes incorporate new Smart telephones, Cloud figuring engineering, touch tablets of distinctive brands and a lot of people more. Later on the living style will be changed and we may be carrying on with a life taking after those portrayed in fiction motion pictures. A percentage of the rising innovations that will soon get to be predominant and broad are recorded as under:

Google Glass

As mimicked trials and instructive applications, Augmented Reality has changed our way of life. With Google class, Google is making it few strides higher than in the recent past. Through the office of this, individuals have the capacity get social networking sustains, Google maps, and route with GPS and a lot of people more. While you are on the ground, the clients will be getting most recent overhauls too.


Pretty much as the outflow proposes, 3d printing is the ability that could fake your static outline into a genuine item. It’s not another engineering for the progressed mechanized industry, however it is a progressive thought to have an individual 3d printer.

On the premise of hand crafting & making an individual physical item is straightforward and for this no regard is needed by any assembling.

Form one is about having individual 3d printing, worth’s dependent upon $2799, It may sound calm expensive however in the event that anybody is intrigued by getting delivered their own particular models, its a sensible expense. In Future, if everybody can deliver their model without any restriction and this lead to augmented imagination and profit.

Oculus Rift

As Oculus Rifting, virtual gaming will turn into its part. In the virtual universe of Rifts, one can turn around his head with ultra low inactivity to view the world in high determination show.

In this progressive world, finest and innovative items are accessible, yet Rifts needs individuals to appreciate the new engineering in $ 300 and with this the bundle even comes in as an improvement gear. It is the ideal time; the world has been barraged as of now with the virtual reality point that could likewise be licensed to Sword Art Online, the energized arrangement trailing the characters playing recreations in an altogether virtual world. Oculus Rift is the first venture, for professionals in arriving at the level of authenticity, however this will take eventually.

Eye Tribe

Eye following has been the most recent subject for each engineering lover and consistently to actuate this innovation, they are buckling down. This engineering is truly difficult to actualize. With the assistance of the Eye Tribe source it was simple for the lover to win this test. To have control on your tablet, this engineering has been made effectively and not only this even individuals can play amusements, for example, they can cut soil grown foods in Fruit Ninja just with your eye developments.

Leap Motion

Multi-touch desktop has been announced as a fizzled item in light of the fact that with the delayed utilize the hands get exceptionally tired, however to test this dim are Leap Motion is presented with a more progressive thought. Without touching the screen it gives you a chance to have control over the whole screen.

Nonetheless, innovation is an achievement; consumerization is the irritation, Google has helped the individuals in this changed world, by manufacturing the testing frameworks into a reasonable pearl. This profited each individual; through this the specialists procuring normal pay rates can likewise bear the cost of these progressed innovations, to make their life less difficult and to increase new modern experiences.

What Is Augmented Reality Technology? What Is Its Future?

Augmented Reality Technology

AR or Augmented reality engineering implants virtual world into the true one. It may sound simple, however inserting is a perplexing AR procedure including unpredictable and laborious improvement.

Henceforth, it is carried out by expanded reality masters.

An elaborative meaning of the term is continuously shown here;

Assume you are remaining before an exhibition hall. Out of the interest, you wish to know something about it. Read more

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