The Truth About Evaluating Franchise Opportunities

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When an entrepreneur buys into a brand, that franchisee purchases the right to use the business model, logo, name, marketing and reach of the umbrella company. With the fates of both the franchisor and franchisee connected, both parties have an unbreakable incentive to work symbiotically and toward the success of the other. But franchising means owning, and that means buying. Before you invest in a franchise, it is critical to purchase a profitable, reputable brand that you can grow with for years to come. Read more

How to Use the Pomodoro Technique


Learn how to use the pomodoro technique to manage your time better and be more productive in your work

Applying the Pomodoro Technique

Owning the weather is a dream of all mankind, and it is possible to approach that goal by using the pomodoro technique, a tool for time management that allows you to be more organized, more productive and more efficient in every task you do. Read more

How to Boost Assertiveness


Learn how to boost your assertiveness and improve your relationships, both in your personal life and at work.

What is Assertiveness?

Enhance assertiveness is very important in both our personal lives and at work. It is the art of keeping your opinion or your position knowing not say with complete correction, no disrespect to the other, avoiding conflict while maintaining respect for yourself. Read more

How to Tell if an idea is viable


To find out if an idea is viable should ask yourself a series of questions. This preliminary analysis is essential to know the answer.

Guide to whether an idea is viable

Whether a concept is viable will open many doors and above all, lets get the long-awaited success. Most small businesses close before the first two years of life, and this is because they have failed to create a good plan business. You can avoid this hassle, significantly reducing the risk of failure. Read more

How to be a Secretary Efficient


To be an efficient secretary, first needs to be a very organized person and wear the calendar day. See other keys on this note.

What means being a Secretariat Efficient?

While always relates to the profession of secretary to the work of a woman, the fact is that men can also do it without problems. In either case, it may be an efficient secretary and comply with each of the orders of the head in a timely manner. Read more

How to Create a Web Curriculum


Having your web curriculum will allow you to show the working world, being visible to recruiters 24 hours a day. Discover some tips for creating a good online curriculum.

Keys to Creating a Successful Web Curriculum

Increasingly, social networking oriented professional world that allow creating a web resume , improving what was there before. That is, make resumes “work” for us, as they are posted 24 hours a day, allowing access for consultation to HR managers of companies around the world. Read more

How to maximize a meeting

How to maximize a meeting

If you go unwillingly to a meeting better stay home. A working meeting or academic lecture is an opportune time to learn: ideally be predisposed to take full advantage.

Getting a working meeting

Throughout our working lives we are forced to attend dozens or even hundreds of meetings, moments that should maximize to capture all points and discuss the objectives for which the meeting was convened. However, do not always know how to get all the juice out of a meeting. Read more

How to Attend Public Personally Well


An employee who knows how to serve the public good is personally the most required for these tasks. Discover some tips to give good care.

If you work in the area of customer service, it’s good to learn some golden rules to cater well to the public in person. They are simple and can remember smoothly. Similarly, a concept is excellent copy or leave them in a visible place of your work, shop, purse or even in your home, to read them from time to time to refresh the concepts and put them into practice. Read more

How to Eliminate Negative Ideas


Learn how to eliminate negative ideas, either from your actions, thoughts, and your companies and social life

How to remove negative thoughts that undermine happiness

To seek the welfare, prosperity and even overcome, we must learn to eliminate negative thoughts in every aspect of our lives. Whether in the companies with which we surround ourselves as well as our thoughts, words or actions, it is essential that we think about us a productive and positive environment, and break with actions that only stagnate us and paralyze our walk towards the goals sought. Read more

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