Taking A Trip Down Paratha Lane

Taking A Trip Down Paratha Lane

Deep in the heart of atmospheric Old Delhi, amongst the criss-crossing alleys and lanes that snake through the city, lies a slim street with a reputation for producing some of the best parathas in town.

Paranthe Wali Gali translates as ‘the lane of paratha makers’ and is located in the Chandni Chowk district of Delhi. Popular amongst foodies visiting the choicest culinary hotspots of India, it is a steamy alleyway lined with paratha stands, little cafes and brightly coloured stalls of glistening fruit and vegetables. But it is for the dazzling array of paratha recipes that customers frequent this bustling lane. Read more

How To Make The Perfect Curry

Perfect Curry

For those of us that enjoy the tantalising flavours of India, there is no better dish to indulge in than the iconic Indian curry. The sheer range and variety of curry dishes this mighty country has to offer can satisfy the appetites of all manner of taste preferences, from vegetarians to meat-eaters, from spice aficionados to those that prefer a milder flavour. Whether it’s the rich, thick gravies of the northern states or the spicy sensations of the southern regions that tempt you to the table, there’s no doubt that India certainly knows its curry. Read more

Tips For A Successful Super Bowl Party

bowl party

With the football season beginning to wrap up, it may be time to start thinking about your super bowl party. Maybe your team is actually in the play offs this year and they have a chance to get something done or maybe you are just looking for a reason to get together with a bunch of friends to have a few drinks. Whatever your reason may be, a football game lasts a long time so here are a few tips so that you are prepared to keep your guests happy. Read more

Making Polenta


The polenta is a very old food, prepared on the basis of cornmeal and that gives us many ways to prepare it, to enjoy its taste.

Properties polenta

Besides providing its exquisite taste, polenta also provides many benefits for our body.

Polenta is a very nutritious food that is prepared in a simple way, through a mix with some kind of liquid, salt and seasoning to taste. Liquids that can be used in its manufacture are varied; We can opt for water, broth, whole or skim milk, etc. Read more

Making sailor or escalope Milanese


A simple recipe to make one of the most simple and delicious dishes: breaded escalope or the sailor.

Recipe for scallops

The Milanese sailor or scallops are one of the most delicious recipes of the world, only involves cutting a small, thin pieces of beef and prepare the necessary mix all fully and finally frying in olive oil or sunflower oil. They can be served with a salad or mashed potatoes. Read more

Coffee Recipes


Recipes for different types of coffee. Making coffee with different flavors. Recipes for coffee. Remember that the presentation is as important as the recipe when making different types of special coffee.

Preparing different types of coffee

To enjoy different recipes of coffee you need not go to the bars and cafes highlights. Just follow simple instructions, quite accurate measurements, you can prepare different flavors at home easily and in seconds, without need for prior experience or specific items. Read more

Tips for Eating Healthy


Looking learn to eat healthier without sacrifice, hunger or unenforceable demands? Forget about diets and only applies these tips

How to Eat Healthier Easily

To eat healthier is not necessary to make profound changes in the way you eat, stay in bankruptcy buying only organic imported. You just learn to better choose the ingredients and cooking techniques, to lose weight, health care and improve your mood, with something as simple as eat healthier every day. Read more

Tips for Cooking Pies


How to cook pies

The empanels are a typical meals Argentina, and while it is not an exclusive food and consumed in Latin America, in that country are considered “trademark” and prepared in a variety, to the point that almost every province has its exclusive recipe. Here are some tips to make the most exquisite taste empanels. Read more