Emphasizing In-the-Field Safety with Strategic Vehicle Accessories

You are responsible for your crew whether they are working in the home office or serving clients out in the field. They must have everything that they need to work safely and efficiently. Despite their best precautions, however, they may still encounter accidents that call for them to take quick action to prevent injuries or disasters. You can give them the safety gear they need by shopping online for ladders, fire extinguisher cabinets, hand washing stations, and more online.

Preventing and Putting Out Fires

When a fire breaks out, your crew only has a few seconds to take decisive action. They need to get fast and easy access to gear that will put out the fire and stop anyone close by from getting hurt.

With cabinets and other safety gear that you buy for your fleet vehicles, you give your crew the necessities they need to respond to accidents and disasters like a fire. The cabinets come with either right or left-handed doors so that they can be opened quickly and easily. The cabinets also come with extinguishers and other items needed to stop a fire in its tracks.
The cabinets are brightly colored so that they can found easily even if your crew is working in poorly lit conditions. The bright red of the cabinets is easy to see even if it is cloudy outside or the sun is setting. Your crew does not have to scramble to find the safety gear they need to put out a blaze.

The cabinets likewise have safety straps in them so that the extinguishers do not fall out while the vehicle is in motion or when the truck is being unloaded for a job. The extinguisher for each cabinet will stay in place securely but also be easy to remove if a fire breaks out on the job site.

Other Safety Gear

Along with extinguishers, you may prevent injuries and accidents with other strategic gear. Your vehicles may need to be equipped with ladders so that your crew can climb up and down on the job site easily and safely.

Likewise, they can keep their hands clean and avoid transmitting germs and dirt by using a hand washing station in the truck. This station also can be used to clean wounds or cuts.

Safety must come first in the field. These online accessories can be added to your fleet vehicles.

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