Best Uses For a Belt Filter Press

belt filter press rental

You know you’ll need a belt filter press rental when you have sludge or slurry that needs dewatering. This machine is very versatile. It’s used on crushed fruit like apples and pears for extracting juice, and also in urban sewage and wastewater treatment applications. You can also find belt filter presses being used for mining, coal processing, brewing, and chemical and papermaking.

In just about any application where you need to separate the liquid from sludge or slurry, you can use a belt filter press. Sludges in municipal applications usually include alum sludge, river water silt, or aerobically digested sludges. In industry applications, the range is much wider. It can include any sludge or slurry that comes from food processing, industrial waste processing, pharmaceutical production, or petrochemical waste.

belt filter press rental

Reasons for dewatering sludge vary. As in the fruit example above, a company might want to extract the juice from a batch of crushed fruit. Dewatering can also save money by reducing storage and transport costs by reducing volume. Some processes include dewatering before further drying or incinerating, which can produce material for composting.

Dewatering can also prevent runoff into water supplies.
There are other methods for separating water from sludge that are similar the belt filter technique. These include centrifuges, plate and frame filter presses, and vacuum-disc filters. The belt filter uses comparatively low pressure than these other methods.

Centrifuging can take out more water, belt filter presses cost less to operate, and are also simpler to operate. They’re also quitter and have quick start up and shut down periods.
Professionals have found belt filter presses to be simple and reliable machines that require little staffing and easy maintenance. They also have a long life, and have good availability. It’s best when installed at ground level where it can be easily monitored and adjusted.

When using the belt filter press in waste water treatment, the odors and volatile emissions may become a problem. One way to combat odors is to use odor-neutralizing chemicals, which include potassium permanganate. Other measures can be taken to protect workers from the volatile emissions, such as enclosing the filter or wearing protective gear.

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