Perfect makeup tricks: Things you need to know

Most of us hate something about face, which we can term as our flaws. Fortunately, even the most perfect Bollywood actresses and models have flaws that they would love to cover up before they walk the ramp.  Makeup makes it easier to cover up the flaws and make your skin reach perfection without showing out your secret.  We want to present some tricks here, which will help you to cover up your flaws and bring out the perfect make up routine for the festive season.

Hiding dark circles

Most of us suffer from a tiny to severe bout of dark circles, so the first trick is to effectively hide them by applying a moisturizer with SPF, which will help the concealer to glide smoothly over the dark circles. Then start using concealer only in the parts where you need it,like on under eye dark blemishes. Apply the concealer in thin stripes by using a pointed concealer brush and then blend using your finger for the final touch. Buy some New and effective deals use Nearbuy Discount Coupons to make the purchase pocket friendly.

Touch of Base

To get perfect and even skin, apply the foundation as a base over your face and neck. Using a brush, draw some thick lines down the cheekbones, sides of the nose and above the eyebrows. Using a foundation two shades darker in the same places as before, try blending both the colors together over your face and neck using your fingers, which will warm up the foundation.  If you are looking for lighter coverage, apply moisturizer on your fingers before blending which will give a sheer look to the skin.

Blush up

Use some blush powder along with a brush and apply over your cheekbones sculpting them slowly while managing to look natural. Cream blushes are also available which will give the perfect glow to your cheeks when applied to the apple of your cheeks. Go for bright, bold hues like berry if you are fair and bold or stick to peach and layer on slowly to get the look you want. If you feel that the blush is a little overdone, apply a little bit of foundation over the area instead of washing it all off.

Eye make up

Apply a small layer of sheer and shimmery cream shadow from the lash lines to below your eyebrows using your fingers. Use a champagne colored shimmer or silvery white shade depending on your skin tone.  Use a flat shadow brush and apply the color of your choice over your eyelids. Try patting some eye shadow to the center of the lids and a run it along the lower lash lines using a small brush to make your eyes look more dynamic. Apply some mascara on the top and bottom eyelash to give definition to the lashes and fill the gaps using a eye pencil. Choose a concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone and buy them at attractive prices using discount coupons for nykaa.

Lusher lips

Use a lip shade, which suits your skin tone and matches with your blush shade. Apply it to the center of the mouth and blend it slowly over the lips. Add some gloss over the lip shade for some shine and for lasting lip shade.


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