How to raise the profile of hockey

Sports are played in all schools in the UK and sport is an important part of life for many school children. Unfortunately many people give up playing sport as they get older due to time constraints and lack of encouragement. There are various sporting bodies that are trying to motivate more adults to continue with the sports of their youth and to take up new sports such as hockey. Clubs and online organisations are providing all kinds of resources, such as field hockey drills, to encourage greater participation in sport at all levels.

How to raise the profile of hockey

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UK Sport investment

Playing sport has a positive effect on mental and physical wellbeing and this is an exciting area of development for the whole nation. One organisation important to British hockey is UK Sport, which provides investment to enable Great Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic sports to thrive. UK Sport has no direct involvement in community or school sport but its investments have a knock-on effect throughout society, helping to promote sport and give more opportunities to athletes.

Training drills for improvement

One area of coaching that benefits everyone involved in sport is effective training drills. Specialist drills can make the difference between British hockey being seen as a minor sport played in schools and a major sport highly important on the global scale. The physical fitness and tactical awareness generated when players follow effective training drills can only mean positive improvements for everyone involved in the sport.

Some training drills focus on improving physical dexterity, ball skills, dribbling and shooting; others focus on tactical awareness, such as positioning and set pieces. Both types of training drills are available online from hockey experts such as By taking advantage of such resources all hockey players will be able to improve their game, whether they are playing for a school team or at national or international level.

British hockey is gaining a solid reputation. As a result of organisations such as UK Sport investing in training programmes, the sport of hockey can continue to thrive at home and internationally. It is easy to get involved and help to raise the profile of hockey within the UK. Simply by approaching your local club, volunteering your services, playing the game and encouraging others to play, you can make a difference to the future of UK hockey.

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