How to Use the Pomodoro Technique


Learn how to use the pomodoro technique to manage your time better and be more productive in your work

Applying the Pomodoro Technique

Owning the weather is a dream of all mankind, and it is possible to approach that goal by using the pomodoro technique, a tool for time management that allows you to be more organized, more productive and more efficient in every task you do. Read more

Making a gathering of friends on a budget


Some tips to keep in your house a meeting with friends or family without spending too much, and enjoying big!

Making a gathering of friends without spending much

More than one we like to receive guests at home to watch a movie, take a few drinks, catch up with what has happened to us or just to see each other; however, often we have no meetings at home so expensive this can be. Pay attention to the following tips to give to enjoy one meeting at low cost. Read more

How Polishing the headlights


Do your eyes look tired vehicle ? It’s time to polish the headlights and leave as new.

Polishing techniques Auto headlights

To always have the greatest driving safety is indispensable polishing headlights of the car and ensure proper lighting of all our ways. In addition, this work will make it look better, smarter, and maintain the resale value of your vehicle rather high. Read more

Food to Grow Nails


Give a twist to your menu! Meet some food to grow faster and stronger nails and wear them healthy…

Food for the Fast Growing Nails

Did you know that there are foods to grow nails ? Not that going to become Cruel Devil in the overnight, but these ingredients, plus delicious and healthy, will help you make a weekly menu full of nutrients to the nails grow faster (and hair and bones), and with more strength to avoid breaks, chips and even diseases. Know them, and integrate them into your dishes every day. Read more

Homemade Exfoliating Mask based Grapefruit


Learn how to make a homemade exfoliating mask based on grapefruit, that will leave your skin smooth and splendid

Making an Grapefruit Scrub Mask Homemade

So that your skin is clean, smooth and free from all kinds of impurities, we suggest making a homemade exfoliating mask based on grapefruit, completely natural, with one of the most beneficial super fruits for beauty, health and wellness. Read more

5 Must-See Ancient Roman Sites

Must-See Ancient Roman Sites

When it comes down to it, visiting Rome can offer an enlightening experience and a vacation that you will remember for a lifetime. Indeed, Rome is an ancient city – one of the oldest the world, so you are bound to run into some ruins. In fact, this is one of the most fun things about this city. Located in the heart of Italy, Rome not only has great food, but also great architecture. Sure, some parts of the architecture may be missing, but what remains tells an amazing story of the past. When it comes down to it, Rome is the perfect place to visit with your family. Here are five must-see ancient Roman sites. Read more

Why you cannot use your mobile in the plane?


Why can not you use the phone on the plane ? While this rule is changing, we explain the scientific reasons why it is not allowed, and other details on this subject

Why you can not use the phone in the air reasons?

This is a recurring question among the passengers, why can not use the phone on the plane. While some airlines are beginning to allow it, is more the exception than the rule. Read more

Choosing the Best Walking Shoes


Do you long walks cause foot pain? Perhaps the problem lies in the shoes. We tell you the details that you should keep in mind when choosing the best shoes for walking without pain.

The Best Shoes for Walking without pain

Walking is one of the best things you can do, regardless of your physical form. In people with obesity or joint problems, this activity suits them because they overload their bones or produce muscle pain (if you walk in moderation), while for others trained, a long walk at a good pace is good exercise for strengthen leg muscles and hardness of the feet. Read more

How to Boost Assertiveness


Learn how to boost your assertiveness and improve your relationships, both in your personal life and at work.

What is Assertiveness?

Enhance assertiveness is very important in both our personal lives and at work. It is the art of keeping your opinion or your position knowing not say with complete correction, no disrespect to the other, avoiding conflict while maintaining respect for yourself. Read more

4 Steps for Implement When the Garage Door Spring is Broken

The doors in the house are functioned with the help of spring. The closing and opening if the door is done with spring. Imagine a day when you are relaxing in your house and suddenly your relaxation gets broken by a loud noise. You rush out and discover that the source of that terrible noise is your garage door spring broken! This definitely will put you in a problem. Most of the people suffer from these issues in their daily lives. The most important thing is that how effectively and efficiently one handles this problem. Read more

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