Most Popular Video Formats of 2015

Most Popular Video

The most popular video formats of this year are given below along with brief information regarding each format:

  • AVI – The full form of AVI is Audio Video Interleave. The particular video format is developed by Microsoft. It was introduced in the year 1992. No other video format is as old as this one. The format is so widely used that it has almost become the standard video format. AVI videos can be played on a wide range of computers apart from those based on Windows platform including Apple’s Mac, Linux etc. the web browsers that are most commonly used, support AVI video. There are a number of codecs in which AVI videos can be encoded. Figuratively speaking, though apparently all AVI videos are same, they can differ greatly on the inside.
  • FLV – The full form of FLV is Flash Video Format. These video files are the ones encoded using Adobe Flash. These videos are only playable on Adobe Flash Player or any other third party video player installed on Browser. No other video player is used to watch videos online as much as Flash Video Player. YouTube and similar other video sharing websites store videos in FLV format. All web browsers that are widely used support FLV video format. If you upload a video to YouTube, in any video format other than FLV, then the video will be automatically converted to FLV. After you convert a high quality video to FLV you’ll find that the quality of the video is unchanged but the file size is reduced.
  • WMV – WMV stands for Windows Media Video. This format was also developed by Microsoft. WMV video files are smaller in size than all other existing video formats. Due to video compression the file size is greatly reduced and thus the video quality becomes very poor. One of the major advantages of storing a video in WMV format is that a WMV video can be attached to an email and sent very easily. Windows Media player is meant to play WMV files though for Mac PCs, media players that support WMV format are available for free.
  • MP4 – MP4 stands for Moving Pictures Expert Group 4. This format is widely used for online video sharing. This format was introduced for the first time in the year 1988. After you compress a MP4 file you’ll find that the quality of video remains unchanged. This format is supported by both computer and mobile web browsers.

Now what if you have to play a video file from one format to another, say from WMV to MP4? You would have to go for a video converter software that can convert wmv to mp4. Movavi Video Converter is of the most trusted names when it comes to WMV-MP4 conversion and it’s just a breeze to operate it. Besides, it also supports 180+ audio video formats and 200+ mobile devices for a convenient conversion.

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