Gold Prospecting As A Vacation


Gold prospecting may not make us rich, but finding little speck of shiny yellowish thing can bring us immense excitement. Panning may seem like a simple task, but we should practice it over and over. Pans can be made from plastic and metal, depending on our panning styles. In general, we should smoothly swirl the pan using circular motions to remove the dirt. We also need to pick out any large rocks and objects that obviously not gold. It is actually possible to find collectible stones in our pans, including emerald and opal. As we continue to move the pan in circular motions, larger materials can be separated much more easily. Read more

4 Ways To Save Money On Ski Holidays


For some people, winter is actually the best time of the year, when they can visit marvelous Alpine resorts to enjoy the annual ski trips. However, such a trip could be hampered with inadequate bank balances and relatively strong Euro. Regardless of these financial obstacles, our annual ski trip shouldn’t be banished and become a pipe dream. Although a one-week ski trip in Europe for two persons could cost us thousands of dollars, there are still ways to save some money. It should be noted that many items in ski resorts are sold at exorbitant prices, so we could do steps to avoid paying too much. Read more

Why We Should Be Aware Of Chat-Bot Scams


The concept of artificial intelligence has been conceived for a long time ago and it continues to be popular with later portrayals, such as the Terminator series with Skynet system. Research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to progress and some computer programs have even passed the eternal Turing test. Eugene Goostman is a popular program and although it is technically a very clever bot, it is believed as the true beginning of AI. The program is developed by two Ukrainian developers and designed to simulate the conversational patterns and personality of a young teenager. The Turing Test was performed in the UK at the Royal Society of London and based on tests, about a third of people who chatted with Eugene believed that they conversed with a real human being. The Turing Test is quite challenging, because it requires the program to handle 300 conversation with 30 human judges. Read more